Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

✓ You continuously imagine how things could go wrong

✓ You’re often restless and unable to stay still

✓ You feel like a loved one has abandoned you when they don’t respond to a text immediately

✓ You worry that others are upset with you and you need lots of reassurance

✓ You’re fearful of people and places even when there is no danger

✓ You suffer from anxiety attacks

✓ You’re easily annoyed and lose your temper quickly

✓ You find it hard to fall asleep and spend the night tossing and turning 

✓ You’re fatigued and depressed during the day

✓ You have a hard time concentrating on work because you’re distracted by your anxiety

✓ Your heart rate increases when you’re faced with a stressful situation

✓ You have difficulty going about day-to-day tasks, such as keeping a job, forming friendships, enjoying free time, or even just leaving your home

You want to go about your daily routines with peace, be present to each moment, and take control of your life, but you’re so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start.

Courage to Confront Anxiety is a self-paced course for women who want to confront their anxiety with real, tangible steps so that they can start enjoying their life to the full.

You will learn ways to identify your triggers, create an environment that fosters peace, and work through your anxiety so that it no longer runs your life.

Let's Talk About It

You are more than your anxiety. You are a powerful, beautiful woman who deserves good things.

This course empowers you to make lasting changes in your life so anxiety no longer holds you back from what you want in life.

Anxiety does not just impact your mental health. It impacts all areas of your life. That is why this course was designed to target lifestyle, environment, nutrition and more.

I am not promising a miracle cure but I can assure you that when you implement the course material the weight of anxiety will no longer keep you down.

Are You Ready To Make The Change?

Hi, I’m Jocelyn

I’m passionate about helping people find healing and peace through mental health. Throughout my 10+ years of professional experience, I saw that people who struggle with anxiety need well rounded care and more than just talk therapy. One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years is that life doesn’t happen in a vacuum. One area of health impacts all areas of health. Things like quality sleep, good nutrition, and daily movement aren’t just about our physical wellbeing. That’s why I created this course as a holistic guide to help you focus on your body, mind, and spirit while you navigate your specific situation.  Confronting anxiety doesn’t have to be an overwhelming battle—you just need some guidance, a holistic approach, and a desire for change.So let’s get you started on your journey toward the healing of your body, mind, and spirit.